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Starting Over

4 Nov

Every once in a while I like to clip off the claws and start new. Since I haven’t had a professional mani in a while I decided why not start over today? I did a massive cleaning today, so it only made sense. I was going back and forth with this gold polish from L’Oreal or this pale pink polish from Sally Hansen. I’m not exactly sure why I chose the L’Oreal polish but I did. It’s called “Because you’re worth it”. And it was. Color looks great- 2 thin coats does the job. Dried fast. No topcoat used (I was doing a quick polish, but frankly, top coat isn’t needed in my opinion). I usually pass by the L’Oreal polish section because I never knew if they were worth the price, but since I’ve tried this polish, I might need to take a second look.



Glitter – No Not The Movie

27 Aug

It’s #ManicureMonday!!

Yesterday I attemped (and failed) to try the Blow Dry Manicure design and the Mermaid Manicure. They both didnt work out for different reasons. I don’t have polish thinner for the BDM. I tried using alcohol instead. Yea no, didn’t work the way it was supposed to. The net for the Mermaid Manicure kept moving. I needed three hands. I’m not giving up on these two. I’ll go back to them when I have everything i need to complete them successfully.

This week, instead of using regular nail polish color, I used glitter! I know there are many polishes out there that have glitter in them (my mini top coat now being one of them lol), however, I feel like those polishes never have enough glitz. I wanted my nails to be all glitter and no nail.

Here’s what I did:

  • Use a base coat for the glitter to stick to – I used a frosty pink that looks transparent when applied to the nail
  • Use a sponge to pick up the glitter – I used a sponge paint brush
  • Tap the glitter onto the wet nail(s) – I did two nails at a time
  • Apply multiple coats of your top coat – I probably over did the top coats but hey, the glitter sticked
  • Add color for accent if you feel – I liked the bare silver glitter after the glitter got off of my fingers.

Here’s what it looks like right after:

I totally could go without the blue accent, but the glitter gets everywhere lol

Here it is cleaned up:

Enjoy the rest of your #ManicureMonday!!

xx Coy

#DIY: Water Marble Swirl

19 Aug

Today I tried something new – Water Marble Swirl (Black & White).

I recently Pinned this on my “Gotta Try This” board and was very excited to do so this morning.


Here’s what I used:

  • Small plant pot full of room temperature water.
  • Q-Tips
  • Nail Polish (obvi) – Choose whatever colors you want to use (2-5)
  • Tape
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Marble tool (optional)

Water Marble Swirl

Water Marble Swirl

My Thoughts: I’m very proud of myself for doing this! It’s messy and tedious but so much fun. I practiced a few times before doing it for real. I ended up not liking the way 2 of the nails came out so I decided to just make them my “accent” nails. When I’m feeling funky and creative, this will be my go to design (different colors of course).


  • Try to drop the polish in the water as fast as possible. The polish will start to dry as you continue to add drops, so the faster the better.
  • Take breaks between doing hands because you’ll run the risk of messing up and having to do things all over again.
  • When your finger in is the water, gently blow on the water so the polish dries around it.
  • Make sure when you dip your finger in the water, the nail is facing the design/water. Dont just dunk your finger in.
  • Things can and will get messy.

Right in time for #ManicureMonday

‘Til next time,

xx Coy