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27 Jun

I recently took a blogging hiatus because I felt a bit overwhelmed with a new job and preparing for grad school in the fall. As I began to get settled in the job, one week of not positing turned into three, then months. Although I was still doing my nails, I was too into my routine to take the time to blog about it. I recently remembered that my passion for nail art was deeper than just blogging; the entire process (selecting a color that matched my mood, doing my nails, writing about it, and then sharing it) was my way of taking time to stop and focus on me. Last night I decided to stop depriving myself of personal time and happiness, and did my nails first thing this morning.

I’m pretty darn proud of my work! The base polish I used was 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails: Celeb City and the top color I used Sinful Colours’ Rise and Shine. Turquoise is my favorite color, so I decided to use it as a new beginning with the blog. For the designs, I used nail tape. As an fyi, when using nail tape, make sure you remove the tape before the polish dries to ensure perfect lines. I went a little design happy, but that’s what nail art is all about right? What polish tricks do you use?

Nail Happy!

Design Happy!



I hope you enjoy! Happy polishing!



Starting Over

4 Nov

Every once in a while I like to clip off the claws and start new. Since I haven’t had a professional mani in a while I decided why not start over today? I did a massive cleaning today, so it only made sense. I was going back and forth with this gold polish from L’Oreal or this pale pink polish from Sally Hansen. I’m not exactly sure why I chose the L’Oreal polish but I did. It’s called “Because you’re worth it”. And it was. Color looks great- 2 thin coats does the job. Dried fast. No topcoat used (I was doing a quick polish, but frankly, top coat isn’t needed in my opinion). I usually pass by the L’Oreal polish section because I never knew if they were worth the price, but since I’ve tried this polish, I might need to take a second look.


I’m Back With a Vengeance!

25 Aug

Something I like to call “painter’s pallet”. I think this is going to be my end of summer tradition.

1. 2 coats of white polish
2. Dab blue polish using q-tip
3. Then yellow
4. Then pink
5. Seal with clear polish

I used blue first bc it was the only one that wasn’t a neon polish. Try to avoid using too much of each color bc it’ll muddy up the polish.

One of my favorite #manicures to do. #nailenthusiast #polish #nails #nailpolish


Sephora Sale!

22 Jun

Just because I’m on a polish hiatus because of work doesn’t mean you all are. I walked into Sephora today to find out they’re having a sale on their Sephora by O•P•I polishes and sets! I love Sephora by O•P•I because the polishes last a full two weeks, are not too thick, and dry quickly. I went looking for their quick dry top coats but all the base/top coats were sold out. 50% off of a product like this is an amazing find and you all should head to your nearest Sephora!

Been Gone for a Minute

27 Mar

Had to pus SOME type of color on… This bare nail life at work was not the business


Amethyst Week 4

19 Feb

It’s that time of the week again!!! #manicuremonday! This week (for Amethyst Week 4) I’m wearing @julepmaven’s Charlotte (Boho Glam). I have mixed feeling about this color but I loved the fact I only used ONE coat. Charlotte is one of the colors from #Oprah’s Favorite Things. One thing I love about Julep is the fact they are 4-free (free of toxic and harmful chemicals. Head over to Julep and get your first box for free using FREEBOX at checkout here.


Julep’s Oprah Box

15 Feb

My @julepmaven Oprah’s Favorite Things box FINALLY came!!! (2calls and a misroute later )
I’m so excited!!! I’m thinking I’ll wear the lavender one next week! #julepmaven #julep #nail #nailart #nailpolish #mani #beauty


Amethyst Week 3

11 Feb

Rocked my @sephora neon #mani today to my interview. Yup, I sure did! #manicuremonday #manicuremondays #sephora #beauty #nailpolish #nails


Photo is blurry because I was on the train.

Give Coconut Oil a Try

8 Feb

When the new year started, I clipped my #nails because I wanted to start off with a clean slate. Now a month later and they’re back to where they were when I clipped them. All thanks to my handy dandy coco oil ($6 Trader Joe’s). As most of you all know I use coco oil for my hair (I also mix it in my moisturizer with some aloe vera when I wear my hair up) but I usually use coco oil for my nails once a week. I decided to try and massage it into my hands & nails every day. I love it and it works! I now use it for almost everything (hair, nails, skin, I tried it for teeth whitening, etc.)


Amethyst Week 2

6 Feb


#manicuremonday #manicuremondays #mani #nail #nailart This is actually my favorite polish color out of alllll of the colors I have. It’s my favorite color in life so I’m glad I finally found it in a polish version lol. The purple is my Amethyst feature for the week. I love this hand. My left hand isn’t so pretty but oh well lol. I used Sephora by O.P.I nail color pen (purple) & Wet & Wild Mega Last (mint) 💅😘😘😘