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Let’s Talk Halloween

5 Nov

My Version of Olivia Pope From Scandal

So I was without power for about 5 days due to Hurricane Sandy and am now getting back into the groove of things. I was unable to do posts the way I wanted because I was without wifi (it’s amazing how much of a luxury wifi is). This Halloween post is a little late, but oh well.
For Halloween, I was originally supposed to be Cat Woman, until I got a call from my best friend. For some odd reason, it never hit me to be Olivia Pope from ABC’s Scandal. She litterally called me the night before a party we were going to and told me Olivia Pope is the way to go. There’s no better fit for me. It was the perfect idea, so I started planing on the whole outfit.
I kept it simple with a black dress, coat, soft curls, neutral eye makeup, and a purpleish/red lip. When it came to the nails, I knew it had to be something simple, girly, and pink. So I went through my nail collection and picked out a few polishes I felt fit the part. Here were my choices:

My Scandal Selection

After trying each polish on each finger, figuring out which one matches, I almost immediately figured which polish was the perfect one. I chose a color from the SEPHORA by OPI Perfect Pair Nail Colour Set ($10) Pink & Choose.

SEPHORA by OPI – Perfect Pair Nail Colour Set – Pink & Choose – Sheer Cool Light Pink*

*This photo was taken right after I finished the manicure so it’s not perfect.

I loved this color. It lasted 2 weeks and is the perfect color for someone trying to keep it simple.

Here are some photos that inspired my Olivia Pope look for Halloween:

xx Coy